ABOUT Lady Fatimah (SA)

Our Vision

Self-reliant individuals, leaders in scientific advancement, engaged as respectful citizens, with great sense of pride in adhering to principles of pure Islam.

Our Mission

“To empower a child to propel to higher levels of learning using its own unique strengths in a close-knit community like setting, where a child’s curiosity is continually challenged and transpires in joyous learning, coupled with the firm understanding of teachings of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Ahlul bayt (as).”

Our Values

• Focus on maintaining Islamic identity
• Sense of Freedom
• Self-directed learning experience
• Community Integration
• Social Relationships
• Sense of Pride
• Spirit of Volunteerism
• Care and respect for people
• Trust and integrity
• Openness to ideas

Lady Fatimah (SA) Organization is a Not-For-Profit organization registered as a corporation with Ontario government under the Corporation Act. Founded in 2008 and started its Sunday Madrassa program from the basement of a volunteer’s house. After initial years, Town of Milton facilities were rented to accommodate growing number of students and the variety of programs offered, beside Sunday Madrassa.

Driven by a passionate desire to continually improve and create a meaningful impact, Lady Fatimah SA Organization has been striving hard to engage with our youths to help them integrate in the society without losing their own identity. The enduring commitment is a result of its understanding of the importance of our religious roots, continuity and to work now for generations to come.

Lady Fatimah believes in open dialogue with youths and recognizes that creative engagement methodologies have to be adopted in order to plant a seed in their mind and give them the environment to nurture it. Traditional learning setup like Imambargah and/or Sunday Madrassa is indispensable, to help them stay connected to the faith based heritage and to round up their Islamic identity. However, the advantage with some of the non-conventional methodologies i.e. Camps, Gym time, Arts-n-Craft is that youths are engaged in activities that are part of main stream, where fun overrides the learning, yet its more fulfilling, as they are all ears in this setting. It’s a win/win situation

It has been a rewarding journey but we still have long ways to go!! We want to build on the momentum by expanding outreach to the community through collaboration. May Allah (swt) increase our taufiqat and help us stay on the right path and accept our efforts.

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